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We are looking for more talented and creative engineers

We’re looking for new Engineers to join our next exciting journey!

Full-time · Ålgård, Norway

Senior Software Developer

with strong experience in efficient data infrastructure.

Electronics Technician

who wants to work with assembly of electronics and contribute to the development

R&D Hardware Engineer

who has experience in developing electronic modules.

Senior Mechanical Designer

with passion for new technology.

We develop new and effective real -time technology

We specialized in development of real-time coiled tubing tool solutions. 

The Target technology is based on electric operation of all tool components from surface, to provide improved reliability and operator control during any type CT operation. Well parameters and tool performance is monitored real-time at surface to provide the ability to optimize and increase operational efficiency.

Our strength

Our mechanical and electrical engineering combined with a passion and drive for new technology is essential in our goal to provide unique and cost efficient solutions to the industry.

Work across professional disciplines

We are committed to the fact that different professional disciplines work together for optimal solutions.

In all history, new technology creates advantages

Our facilities are located at Ålgård, and we work in electronics, mechanics, construction, and testing.

Always ahead

Always looking for the latest technology to make our tools work optimally. We often develop our own technology where existing technology needs suitable properties.


Target’s tools are used today in several types of operations: Where we are present during the entire operation and work with maintenance, testing, monitoring, and making sure that the processes run as they should. The development team is involved in operations and participates in projects and assignments worldwide.

Focus on solution

We depend on everyone’s technical experience and knowledge to find the right solution. We often work in teams to arrive at the correct answer. Many of the processes are about testing and failing, and where we have state-of-the-art facilities for all types of testing.