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REAL-TIME Instrument Sub

The Target EXPLORER™ is a high flow-thru Instrumentation sub that enable real-time monitoring of downhole parameters such as pressure, temperature, force and torque in any type of coiled tubing application

The Target EXPLORER™ Instrumentation sub enable real-time monitoring of downhole parameters in any coiled tubing operation.
Big bore flow-thru capability combined with real-time data on  downhole pressure, temperature, pull/compression force and torque enable better understanding of downhole conditions thus increasing operational efficiency and reliability.
Real-time CCL provide depth accuracy.

Typical applications are shifting sleeves, milling operations, cleanout/scale removal and for controlled lateral entry.
By changing bottom connection, the EXPLORER™ can also be used as a cablehead for logging or other electrical applications

Instrumentation sub include connector, electric termination and release point, dual flapper valves and disconnect.


Real time downhole depth control

  • Accuracy in depth control increase operational efficiency and reduce risk of failure

Real time downhole pressures and temperatures

  • Confirmation of actual downhole parameters, allowing operation of downhole tools and wellbore tubulars within their respective specifications

Modular designs

  • Allows quick and simple change over from conventional (non-electric) and electric applications, while on location.
  • Increased operational flexibility and on-demand capability as dictated by customer demand.

Logging capability

  • Increased technical capabilities, as not only standard downhole sensors can be used, but also additionally logging tools from other suppliers.