TP3 CT Instrument Sub

The Target Real-time high flow-thru CT Instrumentation Sub enable real-time monitoring of downhole parameters in conventional coiled tubing flow applications.
Big bore flow-thru capability is combined with real-time instrumentation to provide monitoring of actual downhole conditions enabling better understanding of downhole conditions and optimization of any type coiled tubing intervention job. The CT Instrumentation Sub can be used in any conventional coiled tubing applications such as milling, providing real-time weight on bit to optimize milling speed and reduce motor wear.


  • Big flow-thru bore
  • High strength external dimple connector
  • Dual flapper valves (optional)
  • Dual safe disconnect. Electrically activated. No ball seat that restrict flow
  • CCL
  • Real-time downhole monitoring of downhole conditions:
    • Pressure (coiled tubing and annulus pressure)
    • Temperature
    • Tension and compression
    • Torque and re-active torque
  • Compatible with any cable type/size and any size coiled tubing
  • Adjustable cable weak point
  • Computer software for real-time monitoring
  • Specifications:
    • OD: 3.125"
    • ID: 1.0"
    • Max operating pressure: 10.000psi
    • Max operating temperature: 150degC / 302degF
    • Makeup length: 7ft
    • Tensile Strength: 75.000lbs
    • Max torque: 2.500ft-lb
    • Connection: 2 3/8" PAC DSI Pin

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