TP1 Straddle tool

The Target TP1 Straddle Tool is a fully electric operated, coiled tubing conveyed isolation tool with real-time two-way communication system. Real-time information to surface will enable confirmation of pressure and temperature in isolated zone prior to any treatment, as well as real-time downhole pressure monitoring during the treatment operation. Breakthrough, communication or leak to zone above or below will be detected immediately as pressure is monitored continuously above and below isolated zone. All functions in the tool are fully electric operated. No cycling or load on tubing is required to operate tool. An electric casing collar locator will detect perforations for accurate positioning. Real time information also provides tool diagnostics such as packer set force, actual load on tool and vibration. The electric straddle tool is designed for re-entry applications for effective re-frac or stimulation of unproductive zones to increase production.


  • Big flow-thru bore Cablehead
  • Real-time downhole monitoring
    • 3 X real-time downhole pressure & temperature readings – above top element, between elements (in isolated zone) and below bottom element
    • Ability to detect in-situ communication real-time
    • Downhole tension and compression
  • Frac placement accuracy
    • Electric casing collar locator with ability to detect perforations
  • Electric tool operation
    • Direct electric operation of tool features – no mechanical force required to operate tool – reliable operation in long horizontals
    • Independent operation of upper and lower packer element
    • Ability to unset top element to clean out sand in CT annulus (no packer cups)
    • Electric operated valve to control and monitor pressure equalization over elements after frac
    • Tool internal diagnostics confirm tool performance, including element and slips set force
    • No cycling of coiled tubing required to set and un-set tool
  • Compatible with any cable type/size and any size coiled tubing
  • Dual safe disconnect. Electrically activated. No ball seat that restrict flow
  • Specifications:
    • OD: 3.5"
    •  ID:  1.0"
    • Casing size / weight range:  4 ½" 9,5-13,5lb/ft and 5 ½" 15,5-23lb/ft
    • Max operating pressure:  10.000psi
    • Max differential pressure over elements:  10.000 psi in 4 ½" csg and 7.500 psi 5 ½" csg
    • Max operating temperature:  150degC / 302degF
    • Makeup length:  41ft (with 3ft straddle length)
    • Stimulation port:  Custom straddle length, stimulation port / injection nozzle size / hole configuration
    • Tensile Strength:  75.000lbs (H2S service material)
    • Number of zones in one run:  30 @ max pressure and temperature

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