Target Intervention is specialized in development of real-time coiled tubing tool solutions. The Target technology is based on electric operation of all tool components from surface, to provide improved reliability and operator control during any type CT operation. Well parameters and tool performance is monitored real-time at surface to provide the ability to optimize and increase operational efficiency. Our strength in mechanical and electrical engineering combined with a passion and drive for new technology is essential in our goal to provide unique and cost efficient solutions to the industry.


  • Simen Didden Dovland
    Simen Didden Dovland Software Developer

    Simen is an educated Automation Technician and has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Automation from HIT. He has vast experience within these trades, from both offshore and land based industry.  Programming for Process Control Systems, Mud Handling and Pipe handling being his areas of expertise. With Target new and exciting opportunities have opened up, especially within embedded systems and object orientated programming. For Simen it’s a privilege to be a part of such a great team who are so genuinely interested in creating new things. Simen is very passionate about electronics and programming; Raspberry Pi, AVR and PIC.

    +47 41104703

  • Per Egil Almås
    Per Egil Almås Mechanical R&D Senior Engineer

    Has a Master’s degree from UiS in Offshore Technology, consisting of a Bachelor’s degree as a Building Engineer and a Master’s degree within Offshore Construction Techniques. He started his career in 2007 as a Project Engineer within mechanical design at Acergy Norway. Four years later he went on to take up a senior position in the company Allivent. Per Egil joined Target in 2015. He is very passionate about product development and design. The technology he now gets to work with is some of the most challenging and exciting that he’s ever been a part of. He is also very excited about getting to work with so many skilled coworkers within their field. At Target he gets to participate in the entire process from idea, to assembly and testing. To be able to physically touch something that you’ve drawn up on a drawing table, put it together and see that it works, is extremely satisfying and motivating.

    +47  95936623

  • Sondre Frantsen Tolo
    Sondre Frantsen Tolo Mechanical R&D Engineer

    Sondre has a Bachelor’s degree in Energy Technology from Høgskolen i Bergen and a Master’s degree in Product Development and Production from NTNU. Having finished his education in the spring of 2015 Sondre virtually entered his position at Target fresh out of university. However this isn’t Sondres first work experience. He has ventured into a number of diverse experiences, ranging from picking potatoes to working security, a temp job at parks and recreation and as a summer student at Sub Sea Services. Sondre is not one to waste time and he also likes to stay active outside of work. He keeps busy with various athletic activities and manual tasks. Sondre enjoys the creative process, a good challenge and coming up with fresh and innovative solutions. At Target he is given assignments that enables him to put all his creative and academic qualities into action. He gets to partake in the entire process, from planning to drawing and from production to testing. The cherry on top, in Sondres own words, is the great work environment.

    +47 97409503

  • Hans Stakkestad
    Hans Stakkestad CFO

    Educational background from Rogaland DH (University of Stavanger) within financing and marketing (1975-77).Has a wide work experience, amongst others within sales and marketing Jonas Øglænd (1977-80) and Hetlandhus/Brødr. Hetland (1980-86).CFO/Site Manager Kværner Eureka, Bryne (1986-1993), process plant supplier (fish meal factories, chemical plants, offshore systems)CEO Malm Orstad AS from 1994 to 2003, restructuring the company from minor agriculture supplier to a modern engineering and fabrication unit to the Norwegian offshore market. Co-founder and CEO of Mechanica AS from 2003-2013.  Mechanica, being a well reputable supplier of engineering and fabrication of subsea tools, the company was sold to Oceaneering AS after 8 years in operation. Has been working as CFO for Target Intervention since 2014, enjoying taking advantage of a wide experience in a “new” company.

    +47 90033896

  • Matz Kleppe
    Matz Kleppe Workshop Manager

    An educated Machine Mechanic and CNC-operator. He started his career at Malm Orstad in 1996. At first as an apprentice, later as a chairman and Production Planner. He helped set up the company Mechanica AS in 2003 where he served as a Production Leader at the CNC workshop, a job that also entailed working offshore in connection with Mechanicas ROV tools. In between previously mentioned experiences he has also worked as a Project Leader and as an examiner at the examination board for CNC-operators. Matz came to Target as a workshop leader in 2015. What impresses him the most about his job are his dedicated coworkers and the unique technology available. That he now gets to be a part of building something new and amazing from the ground up is a challenge he finds especially thrilling.

    +47 91380931

  • Stig Bakke
    Stig Bakke Technical Advisor

    Graduated and certified machine technician. Have 10 years operational experience in the oil and gas industry. Worked 4 years in development and production of downhole tools before he established Bakke Oil Tools in 1994, a company that developed well intervention and coiled tubing drilling tools. The company was bought by Weatherford after 8 years. Stig is inventor of more than 15 patents.

    +47 92857227

  • Arild Sæther
    Arild Sæther Electronic Engineer

    Arild has his education from VKII Technical Data and VKII Audio / Video. He has 10 years of experience in electronics manufacturing (production, troubleshoot and Repp in the oil industry).
    In addition, he has 7 years of experience in the development of new electronics board for the oil industry (high temp products).
    The passion for electronics is a hobby.

    +47 91133087

  • Roger Anda
    Roger Anda Mechanical R&D Senior Engineer

    Machine Mechanic. Time Secondary School.
    Roger has ten years experience from Mechanica as product developer for tools in Subsea industry, primarily ROV tools. He also has 8 years of experience in the development of sheet metal products for the defense and medical industries. Technological research is his great passion. Through Target he gets exactly the challenges he has been searching for.

    +47 91694023

  • Kenneth Øksnevad Høydal
    Kenneth Øksnevad Høydal Mechanical R&D Engineer

    Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, University of Stavanger.
    Master in Offshore Technology, Asset Management, University of Stavanger. An exciting combination of subjects for a solution oriented gentleman. Paired with his desire, curiosity and commitment to work with new challenges, everything should be tested.

    +47 99370639

  • Oddbjørn Vagle
    Oddbjørn Vagle Manager Electronics

    Master degree in Industrial Instrumentation, University of Bergen. Oddbjørn’s main experience is within development and engineering of new downhole equipment and tools for the oil and gas industry with focus on high temperature electronics and sensors development. 7 years in Roxar has also given him broad hands-on experience on the drill floor with well completion systems.

    +47 48041762

  • Monika Bakke Malmin
    Monika Bakke Malmin Managing Director

    Education from mek./VK1 well service. Two years offshore coiled tubing operator, Aker / BJ Services. Worked 5 years with product development and testing of oil and gas products in Bakke Oil Tools and with technical sales in Weatherford. CEO of Wave Energy in 4.5 years. Monika lives and breathes the job and loves to be involved in building up new and exciting environment for new technology.

    +47 41448485

  • Kenneth Bergland
    Kenneth Bergland Mechanical R&D Engineer

    Bachelor in Mechanical engineering, University of Stavanger. Master in Offshore Technology: Subsea Technology, University of Stavanger. Worked in Target since its inception in January 2012. He likes to challenge himself and cope with new responsibilities. Kenneth believes Target is a perfect workplace where he constantly learn new things in partnership with skilled and exploratory colleagues. Proud to feel that he is playing a significant role in the workplace among colleagues.

    +47 97741514